Main advantages of eCade Bimo

  • Universality

    Thanks to our universal crawling and scraping techniques, 95 % of the modern existing e-commerce platforms can be added by the users in the platform in order to be monitored.

  • Discovery and control

    You don’t need to know the URLs of products to monitor. Based on your Search Terms, eCade Bimo is automatically searching inside the saved e-shops like a visitor would do it. We are saving the products to filter, focusing on the first results pages like a human would do it.

  • Low profile

    We are imitating the human behaviors and using several techniques to avoid detection.

  • No security risk

    The e-shops and marketplaces are visited by our robots and from our servers. You are only accessing to our databases where only preformated datas are saved, avoiding contamination and identification.

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    Save valuable time for analysis

    Once the sources and searches are configured, eCade Bimo will do the collection and filtration work of dozens of persons. Your team can focus on the analyze of potentially illegal products

  • Collaborative

    Several users can work at the same time on the platform, marking the results in infraction or not.

  • Easy to use

    You don’t need to be an IT guy to configure eCade Bimo. A 2 days training is enough to start monitoring the e-commerce!

  • Cost effective

    Thanks to the use of the Cloud and Open Source technologies, eCade Bimo is a solution really affordable comparing to the salaries costs.

Great web application for

Public agencies
and NGOs

More and more dangerous products are sold illegally on the web. The e-commerce is growing very fast and the States must now monitor it!

We started developing eCade Bimo in 2015-2016 in order to meet the requirements of the Belgian Ministry of Health

Since 2017, they are using eCade Bimo! Contact us for more information.

How does it work?

Create sources

Add e-shops and marketplaces as a source using an easy creation interface

Setup monitoring themes

Create Themes (what to search?) and how to filter products recommended by sources. Link the Themes to the Sources (where to search?)

Automated searching

Each day the Sources will be searched and some products will be proposed to the users as « potentially illegal products »

Refine manually

The users can check if the products are really illegal and mark them manually

Generate reports

PDF Reports that include list of products can be generated

Let’s Watch Video!

The video hereunder explains how eCade Bimo is working and lists briefly the advantages of this solution