How does it work?

1. Select the e-shops and marketplaces you are interested in

You can list them (ebay, mediamarkt, alibaba, fnac, etc.) or simply tag your product categories (sport gear, food supplement, cosmetics, etc.)

2. Define brands, products or generic terms that you want to monitor or benchmark

You can choose to get information for your products, or for your competitors’ ones! i.e. Burberry (brand). Lego Friends Snow Resort Ski Lift (product), Tablet PC (generic term)

3. Choose the charts you want to show and create Reports

For example, you can select: average price history, ranking history, market share and much more

4. eCade will launch the required crawls to create the Report you selected

Reports will be available the next day and we update them on a daily basis. Reports can be always modified.

5. Tailor the automatic selection of eCade Reports

eCade automatically selects the right products to create Reports from the crawled e-shops and marketplaces. But you are always free to tailor the selection. By pressing the «ignore» button, selected and similar products will not be shown anymore.

Relevant data to quickly scale up your e-Sales

Monitor your brands and your competitors in terms of ranking, pricing and much more

99% of the brands that are active on the e-commerce are not equipped with “Web Intelligence” tools dedicated to the monitoring of their e-commerce activities and presence.

eCade Reports is an affordable and effective tool that offers these brands client-tailored and actionable dynamic data that support their sales & marketing efforts