The “6” eCade Dimensions

1. Market presence

We help you understand your e-market share, your geographical reach and market coverage

2. Visibility

Thanks to our tool you can better understand the keyword search performance of your products, or of those of the competition

3. Pricing Positioning

Keep easily under control the average price evolution across all e-shops, or check singularly each marketplace

4. Pricing Policy Compliance

Together we can make sure that your pricing policy is respected in every single marketplace you retail in

5. E-Content Management

Product description is key, with our Reports you can check whether the words most frequently used in relation to your products are a close match

6. E-Reputation

Reviews make or break a product performance. Control easily and in one place what the market thinks of your offer, and of that of your competitors

Main advantages of eCade Reports

  • Universality

    Thanks to our universal crawling and scraping techniques, 95 % of the modern existing e-commerce platforms can be added by the users in the platform in order to be monitored.

  • Discovery and control

    You don’t need to know the URLs of products to monitor. Based on your Search Terms, eCade Reports is automatically searching inside the saved e-shops like a visitor would do it.

  • Low profile

    We are imitating the human behaviors and using several techniques to avoid detection.

  • Safe to use

    The e-shops and marketplaces are visited by our robots and from our servers. You are only accessing our databases where preformatted data is saved, avoiding contamination and identification.

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    Updated data

    Once the reports are configured, eCade will update them on a daily basis. Daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your subscription plan.

  • Collaborative

    Several users can work at the same time on the platform, marking the results in infraction or not.

  • Easy to use

    You don’t need to be an IT guy to configure eCade Reports. A 2 days training is enough to start monitoring the e-commerce!

  • Cost effective

    We use Cloud and Open Source Technologies to offer a cost-effective and affordable solution without giving up quality.